Welcoming Ceremony

Welcoming Ceremony, an ecumenical baptism.

Cerimônia de Boas Vindas

A The Welcoming Ceremony is an ecumenical baptismal ceremony, which brings the theme of Noah’s ark and all its beautiful symbology. Godparents of blessings and godparents of virtues are involved in a very personalized and special way for the child.


It’s a ceremony that brings the blessings of grandparents, great-grandparents and the child’s own parents. It’s playful but at the same time it contains spirituality, truth, seriousness and many symbologies.


It appeals to adults and children, embraces and draws everyone’s attention, and move people to tears and to gestures and words of true love.


The Welcoming Ceremony is truly an experience that all families deserve to experience with their children, family members and friends. It’ll be designed for each child and family, thus incorporating everything that is important for you, like the participants, prayers to be said, and so on. The ceremony will incorporate the identity of each family in its format.


The Welcoming Ceremony is above all a record of Love in the lives of your children! Live this experience!

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