Wedding Celebration

Wedding Celebration. Our main celebrations around the world.

The wedding celebration can take place wherever the couple wishes. You can do it at a place, on the beach, in enclosed places, like party houses or your own house, or any other place desired by the bride and groom. Below are some examples of wedding celebrations that you can follow, or even take as a basis some points that you find interesting to make yours.


Wedding Celebration – Formal

We usually keep many of the more formal traditions in this type of ceremony, a formal marriage generally matches all parental courts, Godfathers, bridesmaids, Bride entering with the Father and Bridegroom with the Mother, including a ceremony with characteristics between the bride and groom’s Oaths, Prayers, or even music that really characterizes it as a formal moment. This type of marriage works with grooms who want something different, but who at the same time seek to maintain certain formalities.


Wedding Celebration – Informal

Couples who choose to have an informal wedding with greater freedom to customize every aspect of their ceremony and wedding reception. They usually keep several important traditions, create a mix of both traditions, different religions that one has between them or their families. Or create something completely new and creative. In terms of professionalism and fluency, it will be so elaborate when a Formal Wedding Celebration, the difference is that an informal wedding generally passes on to the guests and the bride and groom a more intimate and welcoming feeling.


Wedding Celebration – Special Location

Generally these wedding celebrations are held in more exotic or distant locations, it would be the case for newlyweds who marry overseas or close Resorts for it to be an entire weekend of partying. Weddings with a special location are a great option for couples who want to propose a more intense experience to the guests and can be interesting for ceremonies between two different nationalities. This type of event requires travel, and wedding festivities begin before and usually end the day after the Great Wedding Feast!


Wedding Celebration – Bilingual

It is a type of marriage that involves different cultures and languages, these wedding ceremonies are made official through intelligent translations, not necessarily simultaneous so they do not get tiresome, but by experience, we set up a functional format so that it is understandable for all, but without is too long. We help customize all the event details for you. Often these marriages are transmitted online for those who are in another country, that is, for those who can not attend.


Wedding Celebration – Double

Usually made of best friends or siblings, a double wedding includes two couples attending a single wedding ceremony. The ceremony, even though it is unique, usually has some differences from one couple to another, according to the beliefs, philosophies and ideologies of each couple. And this will be adapted and attended to.

Wedding Celebration
Wedding Celebration
Wedding Celebration
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