Wedding Celebrant

Wedding Celebrant

In our company the wedding celebrants are called Ritualists, this is because ceremonies are always performed by women, who in fact commit themselves with much affection and dedication to their ceremony, and this is just one of our differences.


In our view, the role of the Celebrant of Marriage goes beyond mere presence in the day, time and place marked, we believe that this function is really noble and of enormous responsibility, and must be exercised with much dedication, affection and sensitivity on the part of the celebrant


The Wedding Celebrant celebrates and performs ceremonies according to the needs of each couple, family, or individual. All the details and personal expectations of the bride and groom and their context matter to us, everything important to the bride and groom will be of utmost importance to the ceremony.


The celebrant can perform various types of ceremonies such as baptisms, weddings, renewal of vows and anniversaries.


The celebrant will make a personalized ceremony with a spirituality and beauty content, always starting from the idea of ​​celebrating love and joy.


The celebrant respects all religious matters, and this respect is naturally reflected during the celebration. All religions can live in peace.


Our mission as Celebrants is to translate through our ceremonial conduct the identity and history of each couple.


In the company Celtic Marriage, the ceremonies cover in a wide and diverse form ecumenical and inter religious concepts.


We perform unique ceremonies, which may or may not have connection with aspects of Celtic culture, this will be defined by each couple and their expectations and ideals.


As Celebrants we have a neutral and modern ceremonial stance, making each marriage the aspects of choice for each couple.


As Celebrants we will talk to each couple, define and draw the sequence of their ceremony.


The bride and groom can expect a unique, exciting and charming moment.

Wedding Celebrant
Wedding Celebrant
Wedding Celebrant
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