A Little More About Our Ritualists


In the Celtic Wedding the celebrants are called Ritualists, and I’ll tell you why.


First of all because each Rite is unique, made for you. It’ll be your Rite of Passage, a milestone in your lives and in the lives of your dear ones who share that moment. We are Ritualists because we build customized ceremonies for your celebration; we also offer customized ceremonies for your needs, and never reproduce or copy other ceremonies.


We’re a team of Ritualists and Specialized Assistants formed in our own ceremonial dynamics. All of them were carefully prepared and formed by me, Beatriz Moura Leite, within the ceremonial method of my own authorship that I developed in 1996.


We’ll serve you with promptness, attention and professionalism in every way, from the first contact to the completion of your ceremony, and we’ll see to every detail with the greatest care and dedication. Everything that is important to you will be fundamental for us!


And above all, we Ritualists work with enormous responsibility and commitment, because ritualizing is bringing Light, Emotion, Joy, Enchantment, Spirituality and Love to this moment so important in your lives.


Our team is prepared and professionally trained to plan and lead your ceremony with steadiness, smoothness and confidence. Our main goal is your fulfillment.

Come and do your ceremony with us. We are creators of the Celtic Wedding.
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