Vow Renewal

Vow Renewal – Celebration of Love

Renovação de Votos

Vow Renewal, Celebration of Love! The Vow Renewal Ceremony is an option for all couples who love each other and who want to share a life together.


A vow renewal is one way to celebrate your marriage. You have completed 2, 5, 10, 25 or 50 years of marriage and want the world to know that you would do it all again. You may also want to reaffirm your commitment, your love, your partnership because of a difficult time in your relationship. There are no errata for vow renewal, what matters is true love.


Feel free to get dressed. If you are a bride, you can wear your wedding dress if you want. If you are the groom, you can wear your (wedding) suit, only with a new tie or vest. You can also choose a new set for this celebration. The most important thing is that you will celebrate.


Couples who have been together for a year, couples who have been together for 60 years, what is truly worth celebrating! A vow renewal is a great choice to celebrate any anniversary of your marriage, from as Cotton Weddings to Diamond Weddings, the vow renewal is a personalized ceremony and will be shaped for each couple according to your life story together. It is a ceremony that brings a couple’s story, their moments, steps and achievements.


The ceremony is personalized. Some couples involve their wedding grooms, others who already have their children involved with entries and participation, others that already are grandpa and grandma involve the whole family and receive many honors, beautiful words and love from their children and grandchildren! The Vow Renewal is always a way to create a unique and unforgettable moment for the couple and their family and friends. And this is made in a very unique way for evidencing the identity of the couple.


For many couples, it is a unique opportunity to realize the event of their dreams, reliving life, celebrating and reaffirming love. Showing that the life is made of dream, smiles and cumplicity.


Reasons Why You Can Perform a Vow Renewal

To accomplish a renewal of vows is to reaffirm the love of the couple, to celebrate a union in a unique way, regardless of how long they marry.


How about a paradisiacal scenery, a lot of green, or maybe a beach? The main thing is to reaffirm a marriage of the couple, a celebration with lots of light. Family and friends together vibrating by the reaffirmation of love.


Here are some of the reasons by all the couples make a renewal of votes.


  • Wedding anniversary, 5th year, 10th, 25th, 50th, etc.
  • Public declaration of your love and commitment;
  • Friends and family could not attend your wedding due to distance or to be a small ceremony and now you want to share your vows with them;
  • You have had a non-civil marriage and want an ecumenical ceremony;
  • You had a religious ceremony and now want an ecumenical ceremony;
  • You had a difficult time and want to restart.

Check out photos of Vow Renewals.

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