Celtic Baptism

Celtic Baptism – Love, Affection and Blessing

Batizado Celta

The Celtic Baptism we propose is up-to- date and contemporary and like in all our work we have the Celtic Culture as inspiration, but modernized and adapted to the present day, so that it makes more sense and it can be designed to the needs of each one who contacts us.


The Celtic Baptism is authorial and it was inspired by an ancient Celtic Ceremony of Consecration, therefore bringing to the child the sense of Love and the power of protection in the child’s life!


The ceremony includes the participation of parents, friends and family. We’ll use the representation of the four elements of nature. And the religion of the family can be incorporated through prayers, symbols, images, mantras or songs.


The Celtic Baptism will not interfere a thing in the religious path that the child will follow, because it doesn’t impose religion and it is aimed at the idea of ​​respect among all the paths and the options that will be presented to the child by the own family.


The Celtic Baptism is usually 30 minutes long and will be adapted to the needs of each child and family.

Check out some photos of Celtic Baptism.

Bring love, blessing, attention and affection to your child. Meet the Celtic Baptist.
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