Beatriz Moura Leite

Learn more about Beatriz Moura Leite, creator of Celtic Wedding

Beatriz Moura Leite

I’m very happy to have you on our Celtic Wedding website! I would like to express my deep gratitude for your interest in our work! I’ll take this opportunity to introduce myself.


I’m the creator and founder of the Celtic Wedding and the company “Cerimônias e Ritos”. My inspiration in creating inter-religious, authorial, original and personalized ceremonies came from my belief that we should celebrate love in a true, full, and more humanistic way.


I give great importance to the rites and I think they are fundamental in our lives. I’m a psychoanalyst, researcher in philosophy, symbols and cultures. I write poetry and I am always creating new ceremonies that bring the importance of life, faith, spirituality and peace into the coexistence of all paths and religions; this is undoubtedly one of my goals -that there are many paths that lead us to God, and no matter what name is given to these paths, the important thing is that all of them respect each other, for all converge to the same point, to the primordial feeling that is love!


All my work is authorial and all that I offer comes from a process of creation, based on knowledge, inspiration and research. It`s also based on softness, respect and professionalism.


I love what I do and I believe in my work, for I know how transformative, true and charming it is for those who choose to celebrate in this manner and for all who share and that is exactly what keeps me on that path.


And at last, my family has Celtic origin and I feel very happy to be able to spread the beauties of that culture through my work.

We perform ceremonies such as Celtic Wedding, Celtic Baptism, Vow Renewal, Welcoming Ceremony and Celtic Blessing. Contact us.
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