Celtic Wedding

Hello! Welcome! It’s really nice to receive your visit to our new Celtic Wedding website.


We want to tell you that the Celtic Wedding has grown and so we have news and new ceremonies to make your experience even more personalized and unforgettable!


Get to know our customized work and our available options to bring to your ceremony a lot of emotion and meaning.


The Celtic Wedding is above all an interfaith ceremony, which respects all religions, with the philosophy of peace among all the paths. It’s contemporary, modern and adapted to any environment, indoor or outdoor. It’ll work anywhere you choose! We’ll come to you.


We’ll celebrate your love in a personalized way, and for that reason we’ll design an exclusive Ceremony. So every couple will have a unique, special and tailor-made ceremony.


In the process of organizing your Celtic Wedding we’ll take into account your own identity as a couple, all your expectations and needs, your family dynamics, your decision regarding the active participation of your best men and bridesmaids, the entries of the bride and groom, flower girls and pageboys and if you wish it may also involve gratitude to parents, grandparents and other beloved ones.


Music plays a huge role in the Celtic Wedding and the songs will be chosen by you, bride and groom, as they should also print your essence. In general the ceremony is 40 to 45 minutes long.


All these details will be carefully considered so that you feel well and comfortable in your wedding ceremony.

To Love, To Celebrate, To Party, To Charm

We also do bilingual ceremonies in Spanish and English in Brazil and abroad.
Benção Celta

Celtic Blessing

Renovação de Votos

Vow Renewal

Batizado Celta

Celtic Baptism

Cerimônia de Boas Vindas

Welcoming Ceremony

Beatriz Moura Leite
Beatriz Moura Leite

I am the founder and creator of Celtic Wedding and the company ‘Cerimônias e Ritos’. My inspiration in creating inter-religious, authoritative, original and personalized ceremonies came from my belief that we should celebrate Love in a true, full, and more humanistic way.

Cultivate Love and Joy with Truth, Content, and Poetry

In the Celtic Wedding,

Love is to share!

Love is to declare yourself, to speak like friends…

Message or poetry, pure beauty and melody!

It’s a tight hug, a laugh, a phrase said with great emotion.

Love is to worry about the details, so that your guests feel welcomed.

From the choice of the Rite to the last moment of the party.

It’s the taste of the fondly chosen food.

It’s the memory of every tear of joy shed.

Because beloved friends and close family we always want to be around in this life!

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